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Полипропилен R 359
Рандом сополимер. Для переработки методом литья под давлением

TIPPLEN R 359 is a random copolymer polypropylene for injection moulding applications. TIPPLEN R 359 is formulated with a nucleated agent. The product shows excellent transparency and gloss. TIPPLEN R 359 is an interesting alternative to PS and PVC. Typical application include injection moulding for the production of household articles, containers and thin – walled packaging for cosmetics, toiletries, herbs, confectionery, pharmaceuticals where clarity is of the utmost importance. TIPPLEN R 359 is suitable for food contact. The product complies with FDA, BGA and EU norms.


Standard method



MFI (2.16 kg/230 °C)

ISO 1133

g/10 min.

11 (10-14)

Tensile strength at yield

ISO 527

N/mm 2


Elongation at yield

ISO 527



HDT - 0.46 N/mm 2

ISO 75



Rockwell hardness

ISO 2039/2

R scale


Flexural modulus of elasticity (drawn)

ISO 527

N/mm 2


Izod impact strength (notched, +23 °C)

ISO 180/1A

kJ/m 2


•  MFI measured at 230 °C under a load of 2.16 kg with standard nozzle having a diameter of 2.095 mm.
•  Average mechanical property values of several measurements carried out on standard injection moulded specimens (ISO 3167) conditioned at room temperature (ISO 291).