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Полипропилен H 649 FH
Гомополимер. Для производства нитей. Для производства ориентированных пленок.

TIPPLEN H 649 FH is a homopolymer polypropylene for the production of biaxially oriented films The product is particularly suitable for metallization both as monolayer and in coextruded structures. BOPP films produced with TIPPLEN H 649 FH feature good mechanical properties, high impact strength and puncture resistance even at low temperatures. The BOPP film forms an excellent barrier against moisture, oils and oxidation and features good optical properties. TIPPLEN H 649 FH contains reinforced processing stabilisation but does not contain any slip or antiblocking agents. Monolayer or coextruded films made of TIPPLEN H 649 FH with a thickness range of 10 - 40 µm are used for the packaging. TIPPLEN H 649 FH is suitable for food contact. The product complies with FDA, BGA and EU norms .


Standard method



MFI (2.16 kg/230 °C)

ISO 1133

g/10 min.

2.2 - 2.8

Tensile strength at yield

ISO 527

N/mm 2


Elongation at yield

ISO 527



HDT - 0.46 N/mm 2

ISO 75



Rockwell hardness

ISO 2039/2

R scale


Flexural modulus of elasticity (drawn)

ISO 527

N/mm 2


Izod impact strength (notched, +23 °C)

ISO 180/1A

kJ/m 2


•  MFI measured at 230 ° C under a load of 2.16 kg with standard nozzle having a diameter of 2.095 mm.
•  Average mechanical property values of several measurements carried out on standard injection moulded specimens (ISO 3167) conditioned at room temperature (ISO 291).